Ideal 340B Audits™

Ideal’s pharmacist team has previously worked in 340B covered entities, and have real-life work experience participating in HRSA 340B audits. We have leveraged this expertise to develop our Ideal 340B Audit™ product, which mirrors the HRSA 340B audit process and includes the following:

  • 340B operations and management

  • Pharmacy operations, including in-house and contract

  • Medical records platforms

  • Practice management systems

  • All 340B administrators and software in the marketplace

Our comprehensive efforts focus on finding all 340B compliance gaps. We systematically investigate all areas where compliance gaps can occur including the following:

Audit-Focus 340B Auditing

Ideal 340B Audits™ Focus

  • Overall program review

  • Diversion prohibition

  • Duplicate discounts prohibition

  • GPO purchase prohibition

  • Orphan drug exclusion

  • Auditable records review

  • OPA database registration accuracy

  • Provider-based setting generated prescriptions

  • Policy & procedures review

  • Compliance best-practices

Attorney Client Privilege:

Ideal will work with internal and external counsel to conduct 340B audits under attorney-client privilege if desired by the client.