Ideal 340B Consulting™

Our Ideal 340B Consulting™ service offers all the expertise of our experienced 340B team in an on-demand capacity to assist with one-off projects or specific aspects of a covered entities’ 340B program. Our consulting services are customizable to the covered entities’ specific needs. We provide consulting expertise is all areas of 340B including:

  • 340B Registration

    Assistance with 340B program registration and re-certification

  • 340B Design

    Assistance designing 340B program to optimize benefits

  • 340B Evaluations

    Evaluation of 340B programs to identify:• Unprofitable contract relationships• Missed 340B opportunities• Opportunities for expansion• Potential compliance risks

  • 340B Expansion Opportunities

    Applying 340B program savings compliantly to employees, chemo therapy, other infusions, contrast agents, anesthesia gas, etc.

  • 340B Networks

    Evaluation and establishment of contract pharmacy network

  • 340B Vendors

    Evaluation and negotiation of external vendor contracts

  • 340B Corrective Action

    Draft 340B program compliance correction (corrective action plan)

  • policies and procedures

    Evaluation and correction of 340B policies and procedures

  • process evaluation

    Review of internal process evaluation and improvement

Ideal Therapeutics provides expert data modeling so our clients can make the best transparent and informed decisions. Our expert critical analysis evaluations allow our clients to maximize their 340B opportunities.