Expert 340B pharmacist oversight at a fraction of the cost of hiring a 340B director/manager pharmacist

Ideal 340B Management™

Our turnkey Ideal 340B Management™ service provides the best 340B program management in the market. Our experienced 340B expert pharmacists will manage all aspects of your 340B program, including covered-entity internal optimization, oversight of 340B vendors (i.e. 340B administrator, split billing) and 340B contract pharmacies. The result is an Ideal solution that lowers costs and improves compliance for the covered entity.

Ideal 340B Management™ Advantages

  • Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certified pharmacists

  • Detailed evaluations of your 340B program

  • Proper design of your 340B program

  • Strategies to optimize your 340B benefits

  • Optimal compliance with all 340B rules and regulations

  • Expert knowledge of all 340B vendors

  • Covered entity can make informed decisions

  • Implementation of new strategies

  • Data-driven analyses