Ideal 340B RFP™

Ideal Therapeutics brings years of experience to Request for Proposal (RFP) and bid processes. Our turnkey Ideal 340B RFP™ service adds value to this process by leveraging our extensive professional experience. Our expert knowledge of 340B and 340B vendors allows us to help you receive a fair, competitive and cost effective proposal that delivers greater value to your company.

Ideal 340B RFP™ Solutions

  • 340B split billing software vendors

  • 340B contract pharmacy administrator vendors

  • 340B contract pharmacies

Ideal 340B RFP™ Advantages

  • Fully customizable 340B RFP templates

  • Fully transparent process

  • Data driven analyses

  • Detailed compilation and evaluations of bid responses

  • Recommendation that fit your needs

  • Contracting support

  • Expert knowledge of all 340B vendors

  • Covered entity can make informed decisions

Contact Us Today

We provide flexible pricing options based on the complexity and scope of your 340B program (i.e. split billing, contract pharmacy, in-house pharmacy). We will need to know more about your health care facilities in order to provide a specific quote, please call us at 866.722.3309, email us at, or complete our contact form.