In-House Pharmacy Evaluation and Management Services

At Ideal Therapeutics, our goal is to assist clients in making the best decisions with their pharmacy efforts. We strive for our clients to achieve the highest level of business success by assuring compliance with state and federal regulations, gaining efficiency in key aspects of your business, and implementing and maintaining programs that enhance revenue. We assist our clients in making informed decisions regarding the best pharmacy model for their specific situation including determining the best option between owning and operating a pharmacy vs. leasing space to a contract pharmacy company.

Ideal Therapeutics will help you make the best-informed decision regarding in-house 340B pharmacies.
Ideal Therapeutics in-house pharmacy services:

  • Transparent data-driven comparative analyses

  • Informed decision guidance

  • Recommendations on in-house optimal pharmacy design

  • Recommendations on contract pharmacy vendors

  • Operational oversight

  • Financial oversight and strategies to maximize revenue

  • 340B compliance strategies