Ideal Values

Our Mission

Ideal Therapeutics is a company devoted to protecting the regulatory and financial interests of 340B covered entities. We provide unique 340B solutions that help our clients navigate the vast number of 340B regulations and complex operational requirements. Ideal Therapeutics develops innovative, tailored 340B solutions and fully equip our clients to make informed choices for their health system and patients.

Our Vision

Ideal Therapeutics’ vision is to be customer-centric in creating ideal solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We accomplish this by developing data-driven and transparent approaches that fully equip the client to maximize opportunities and negate risk. 

Ideal Team

Our experienced team actively designs, implements, manages and audits 340B Programs for 340B covered entities. We have many years of 340B experience from various perspectives including: 340B covered entity program management, retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, prescription benefit management (PBM), health insurance and pharmaceutical manufacturer industries. Our seasoned 340B team includes: 

340B Expert Pharmacist Team 
340B Experienced In-house Attorney
Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) 
Former Pharmaceutical Company Representatives
Project Managers

Ideal Leadership

Casey L. Nelson, Pharm.D. – President & CEO

Casey started Ideal Therapeutics in 2010 to help 340B covered entities improve 340B compliance and maximize their 340B status. Casey has 15 years of experience in business with previous administration and management roles in hospital, health plan and pharmacy benefits management (PBM). Today, Casey is responsible for providing strategic leadership for Ideal Therapeutics. Casey has post-doctorate resident training in Managed Care Pharmacy and fellowship training in Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes research.

Todd S. Krueger, Pharm.D. – Chief Operating Officer

Todd is responsible for providing the administrative leadership of Ideal Therapeutics’ 340B services and account management. Todd has 20 years of experience in clinical operations, hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, managed care pharmacy, academia and 340B programs. Todd has post-doctorate resident training in Pharmacy Practice and fellowship training in Infectious Disease.

David J. Hanson, Pharm.D. – Chief Pharmacy Officer

David oversees operations for Ideal Therapeutics and is responsible for the design and delivery of innovative 340B solutions to the market and to our clients. He has more than 20 years of experience spanning retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy administration, and pharmaceutical industry medical and account management. David is Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certified.

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Casey Nelson



“Ideal Therapeutics is committed to 340B compliance and to optimizing the covered entity’s 340B benefits. Our experienced 340B pharmacists are driven to customize solutions to meet all of your 340B needs.”